Empower Thyself

Are you looking to accomplish big things in life?

This class gives you the energy to start,

                                                and the tools to get you there!

Gain 10x more power to help achieve your dreams.

Empower Thyself is a foundational class from The Modern Mystery School that teaches you all about spiritual living in the modern world. It paves a path of self-mastery for you to walk along and it gives you the tools for you to navigate life as an empowered being. 

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In this class, you will:​

  • Learn how to cut through negative-self talk

  • Learn to work with your energy structure (chakras, aura, etc.,) and how to keep it healthy

  • Be handed down sacred rituals to clear your energy and set sacred space in order to stop external negative energy from influencing your mind and emotions

  • Receive an initiation to expand your central core to hold 10x more energy and light to move you through life with ease

  • Learn what it means to be a true light worker, and start your journey as one

  • Learn about the negative ego and how to stop self-sabotage

  • The cycle of human emotions, thoughts, and what drives our actions

  • And more!

You have everything you need to succeed in life, and it's my mission to remind you of that!

Let's put the power back in your hands