Ensofic Ray™

Restore on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

The Ensofic Ray is the first ray of creation. It has qualities of purity, clarity, focus, and concentration. It can help restore mental, emotional, and physical imbalances, and it harmonizes your energetic structure to bring wholeness, vitality, and passion to your life.

Different from traditional Reiki, the Ensofic Ray Healing Modality is more than just a hands-on healing as it can penetrate past the physical body to help heal and restore our mental, emotional, and energetic body back to its original state. 

All potential of creation is contained within this first ray of Ensof.

Treatment Process

Session 1

This session works specifically on the physical body by directing the Ensofic Ray to specific ailments and blockages in the body so that we can eliminate tension and blockages while infusing the body with vitality.​

Session 2

The second session is dedicated to healing the soul and spirit body. In this session, the 12 rays of creation are sacredly inscribed in your etheric body to bring passion, healing, romance, clarity, royalty, and new beginnings to you. This session is truly transformational!​

Session 3

This final session is dedicated all to you and what your needs are. In this session we can work on the physical body, or we can target to eliminate bad habits and infuse you with good habits.

From here, you are ready to go forth and conquer with confidence!

Individual sessions can be considered, however, it is highly suggested to receive all 3 sessions first, and to add on additional sessions afterwards, for the optimal experience. 

For more information, please get in touch below! 

"Since the Ensofic Ray healing sessions from approximately 2 years ago, I have not experienced any return of my sciatica pain."
- Margaret K.
"It has been over 6 months since my first treatment and I am cured and pain free from my closed ileocecal valve."
- Petrina D.
"I found it really helped me to release old thought patterns, anger, and negative habits."
- Sarah B.
"I found I was calmer and more energized today, it feels so good. Thank you so much!!"
- Nikita E.