Life Activation

Release old baggage & activate your life's purpose!

Do you want to maximize your potential? Do you seek more energy, clarity, and drive? Are you willing to invest in creating a better future for yourself and the lives of the people around you?

The Life Activation session works to release old energy and programming that no longer serves us. This modality also balances, harmonizes, and aligns our energy structure so that we can receive divine energy to help heal our traumas and give us the clarity to move forward in alignment with our true desires. 

After this session, the roadmap to a successful, joyful, and abundant life will begin to unfold!

After experiencing this modality, you should feel:

- peaceful

- energized

- renewed 

- ready to create change

With this session, you will also receive Purificato & Crystalis; two elixers to assist in the healing process. You will also experience check-ins, and consultations to assist in your progression. 


In order to ensure quality of the modality, The Modern Mystery School has annual re-certification for all Professional Life Activation Practitioners so that each client is receiving the modality in its purest form. For a list of certified practitioners, please click here.

For more information about the session, or to set up a free consultation to see if the Life Activation is right for you, please get in touch down below.