The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School provides ancient teachings and tools in metaphysics that originate from the lineage of King Salomon – a lineage that is over 3,500 years old. 

The main programs are held in Toronto, across The United States, England, Japan, Brazil, Israel, and South Africa. In order to hold the integrity of the lineage, the Modern Mystery School practices annual certifications, thorough apprenticeships, and on-going training to ensure that all teachings and tools stay pure to the original lineage.


To put it simply, the mission of the Modern Mystery School is to create world peace, which starts at creating inner peace. The motto “Know Thyself” is a foundational key in the lineage, as no one can achieve inner peace without first coming to know their true individuality. When using the tools and teachings correctly, we are able to live a life full of joy and empowerment, peace, fulfillment, and abundance.


Areas of study within the Modern Mystery School include:


Universal Kabbalah

Sacred Geometry

Astral Travel



and more!


Lineage is important as it ensures legitimacy and integrity for its tools and teachings.The lineage of the Modern Mystery School comes from the lineage of King Salomon, and thus has unbroken teachings that are 3,000+ years old. In order for any and all lineages to stay pure, they require key holders and leaders who anchor the teachings and tools in the tradition of the lineage.

The Modern Mystery School has three main key holders of the lineage known as the Third Order. The Third Order consists of Founder and Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome. 

Beyond the Third Order, there is also a council of twelve women that also hold keys and responsibilities of the lineage to ensure the tradition is kept. This group of women is known as the Council of Twelve, and consists of female international instructors and high initiates. The women that serve in this role alternate throughout time. 


Gudni Gudnason

Founder, Ipsissimus

The founder and key lineage holder, Gudni Gudnason, has kept the integrity of the lineage of the only open Mystery School for the past twenty years. He has been teaching and serving humanity for the past forty years and has dedicated his life to bringing these teachings and tools to everyone that he meets.

Since he was a teenager, Gudni Gudnason has been studying in the Mystery School tradition. He has traveled all over the world to learn from various different lineages. He now continues to work all around the world to share these teachings and tools to assist people in feeling inner peace, which will in time lead to world peace.


Along with being the founder of the Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason is also a music producer, artist, author, poet, movie director and producer, martial artist, and more. He is an icon for living a multi-dimensional life, and he truly lives life to the fullest.


Dave Lanyon

Ipsissimus, Leader of the Warrior Clan

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon is responsible for the expansion of the Modern Mystery School, which has expanded into 55+ countries since he has joined the lineage. He continues to work and bring all of the teachings and tools of The Modern Mystery School all around the world. 


Dave Lanyon has multiple black belts in various different styles of martial arts, and he is the head sensei of the Warriors of Light programs and the Leader of the Warrior Clan. Before his work in the Modern Mystery School, he previously owned a martial arts club in Mississauga Ontario, he is a businessman, and a psychologist. 


Dave Lanyon is the CEO of L.I.F.E. Programs, and he is known for teaching about the effects of the Negative Ego and how to overcome its influence on your life.


Hideto Nakagome

Ipsissimus, Ensofic Reiki Master Instructor

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome's mission is to expand the school and the lineage into countries in the East and has been successful in doing so. Hideto Nakagome is a head sensei of the Warriors of Light programs that The Modern Mystery School organizes all around the world.

Hideto Nakagome is the master instructor of the Ensofic Ray Healing Modality. In recent years, he has been expanding the Ensofic Ray Practitioners and Teachers around the world.

Hideto Nakagome has various training in other spiritual lineages and is initiated as a Priest of Mikkyo Esoteric Buddhism. Before his time in The Modern Mystery School, he was a businessman in the United States, and he has traveled the world extensively to learn about the world and its cultures. 

Hideto Nakagome teaches with joy and a sense of humour, and he is always promoting people to live a life of good and beauty.