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How to Make Better Choices

A quote that I heard a long time ago from one of my spiritual guides @thedavelanyon changed the way I viewed life and how I make decisions. The quote was, "If you're not progressing, you're regressing."

This logic can be applied to almost anything – your relationships, your health, the money in your bank account, your skills, your environment, your career, your dream life, and yourself in general.

If we use money as an example, you are either spending it or you are making it. If you spend less than what you earn, the number in your bank account will increase. If you spend more than you earn, the number will decrease.

The same goes for your health. If you are not actively using your body and strengthening it, it will become stagnant and weaker. Your muscle mass and bone density will decrease. If you eat bad foods, or too much food, you will experience a buildup of unwanted chemicals and substances, and you will gain fat when eating too much.

When it comes to discerning what is important in life, and whether or not you should be doing something, you need to ask what your goals are. Then, when it comes to discerning your next steps, you should ask by doing this, am I progressing, or regressing?

If you are regressing away from your goals with this action, it probably is not the right choice.

If it is progressing you towards the future that you dream of, it is likely the right choice.

If you are unable to discern whether or not something will progress you, many times the harder choice is the one that will get you to where you want to go.

So, for today, are you choosing to progress, or regress?

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