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Warrior of What?

I don’t claim to know what the purpose of life is, but I believe that our purpose can be narrowed down to the very situation we are in at any given moment.

  • Do I choose to live in fear or do I choose bravery?

  • Do I choose love, or do I choose hate?

  • Do I choose unity, or separation?

  • Do I be productive, or do I slack off?

  • Do I push the limits, or do I stay mediocre?

  • Do I choose my health, or do I choose substances/activities that weaken me?

  • Do I choose the light over darkness?

  • What do I choose to fight for?

In any given moment we are given this choice, which means we are given the ultimate power and freedom in our life. No one is a victim. When we can fully embrace this idea is when we can truly make an impact on our life and the world around us.

We can take even just a split second and ask ourselves which direction we want to take our life instead of allowing ourselves to make a blind decision, which is almost always based on the easier option.

It’s why I love the Warriors of Light program with The Modern Mystery School so much. It throws you out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to choose strength over weakness so that when you go out into the world and someone/something tries to knock you down, you can stand strong and say NO. So that even when the odds are stacked against you, you choose to be a warrior and fight to make the situation better. And it gives you direct experience to remind you that when you choose the light, even when you really don’t feel like it, your life will progress to a better place.

Then the everyday tasks get easier; eating healthy; going to the gym; being kind to your spouse, co-worker, boss, family, friends, local bank teller; being disciplined with your finances; fulfilling your responsibilities at work and home; getting enough sleep; being passionate to learn and try new things; and choosing good habits. At some point, some may even call you a master of these rituals.

This ritual mastery builds a foundation so that the harder decisions become easier too; working hard and refusing to give up on something you believe in; multi-tasking and stretching yourself to achieve many things at once; taking that leap of faith into the unknown; attempting to make miracles happen.

People will see your life and think you got lucky, or that you are some kind of anomaly in the system, when in reality it was as simple as repetitively choosing the light.

I choose to be Warrior of Light.

What do you choose?

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