Sacred Geometry

Learn the 3 keys to creation and how to work with them.

Symbols are found in all things, and geometries make up the whole world around us. But what do these symbols and geometries mean? Can they have an effect on how we think and what we do?


In this workshop, we delve into three foundational geometries that shape the majority of the world around us. The art and science of Sacred Geometry help us to acquire wisdom, connect with our higher self, and transform ourselves and the world around us. 


In this class, you'll:

  • Get attuned to three sacred geometries

  • Learn how to properly draw each geometry

  • Utilize the geometries to enhance your manifestation abilities

  • Learn how to remove negative energy and uplift the space around you

This is the first class of the Sacred Geometry series. 

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Image by Mennah Aman